WSPRA Communications Awards Overview

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    The WSPRA Communication Awards program recognizes creative and effective work in communications. The awards program also provides valuable feedback from other communications professionals. 

    Award entries are accepted in late winter. Winners are announced at the Annual Spring Conference.

    Entries are encouraged from all public or private schools or districts, including special schools such as vocational-technical institutes, regional or county education service districts, education agencies and private enterprises serving as partners with those organizations. WSPRA membership is not required but is always encouraged. 

    In addition to the Communication Awards, WSPRA also accepts nominations for two special awards reserved for individuals who have contributed greatly to school public relations. Learn more about the Learning Liberty Award and Crystal Apple Award.

    How to Enter

    Entries must be prepared/published between February 2018 and February 2019. The awards application will open on Tuesday, January 22. The deadline for entries is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 22, 2019. 

    Complete the following entry form. Each entry requires a URL to the piece(s) you are entering. We recommend hosting your entry on your district website or a cloud storage website like Google Drive. Judges will access your finished work via the URL you provide during the application process. 


    All entries must be supported with a summary (up to 500 words). Provide an overview of your entry and address your process before, during, and after the project. Use the following questions to guide your summary:

    1. Why was this project needed?
    2. What research went into this project?
    3. What planning and goals were associated with the work?
    4. How did you implement or communicate this project?
    5. How did you evaluate or measure your success?


    Each entry will be evaluated and assigned an award category based on points received. 

    • Perfect Score!: 100 points
    • Award of Excellence: 89 to 99 percent of possible points
    • Award of Merit: 78 to 88 percent of possible points
    • Honorable Mention: 67 to 77 percent of possible points

    Judging Criteria

    Each entry will be judged by a panel of communications professionals utilizing a rubric designed for each specific category. This valuable feedback will be provided for all entries. Please note that certain categories may have specific requirements, which are listed with the category descriptions. Overall, judges will consider factors such as:

    • Writing style and clarity
    • How design supports the message
    • Effectiveness of the communications tool for the intended audience


    The awards program is broken into two divisions: 

    • School districts with more than 10,000 students
    • School districts with fewer than 10,000 students

    Additional Information 


    Please contact Jane Carter at