Communication Awards Categories

  • Contest Categories

    WSPRA awards recognition in two divisions:

    • School districts with more than 10,000 students
    • School districts with fewer than 10,000 students

    All entries must be supported with a summary (up to 500 words). Provide an overview of your entry and address your process before, during, and after the project. Use the following questions to guide your summary:

    1. Why was this project needed?
    2. What research went into this project?
    3. What planning and goals were associated with the work?
    4. How did you implement or communicate this project?
    5. How did you evaluate or measure your success?

    Annual Report

    Printed or electronic report published annually summarizing goals, activities and achievements. 

    Limit - 1 entry per district 


    Branding/Image Package

    Includes logos, banners, stationery and other graphic treatments for a package of materials. Submissions must include three or more separate pieces within the same entry by attaching to the entry.

    Limit - 3 entries per district



    A printed or electronic calendar that contains general information and specific dates for school/district activities and events. 

    Limit - 1 entry per district


    Communications, Public Relations or Marketing Campaign

    This includes Comprehensive, Strategic, Year-Round Communication Programs, Public Engagement/Parent and Community Involvement Programs and Initiatives, Bond/Finance Campaigns, Crisis Communication and Response, Marketing Communications for District or Schools, Special Communication Projects/Campaigns (i.e., education advocacy, school closings/consolidation, boundary changes, health initiatives, marketing/branding, cultural diversity, environmental campaigns, etc.) The entry should include URLs to key support materials (publications, PDFs, websites, videos, and social media associated with the campaign should be entered here as part of the campaign).

    Limit - 3 entries per district


    E-Newsletter (internal or external)

    Internal or external e-newsletter published periodically. Two different issues must be submitted to qualify as one entry. 

    Limit - 2 entries per district


    Finance Publication

    Printed or electronic information about tax levies, bond issues, budgets and other financial topics. Single or series of publications accepted. 

    Limit - 2 entries per district


    Print Newsletter/Mailer

    Printed internal or external newsletter or mailer published periodically. Two different issues of a newsletter (i.e., two different months, quarters, etc.) must be submitted to qualify as one entry. 

    Limit - 2 entries per district


    Social Media

    Communication campaign using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. Include copies of three social media posts relevant to the campaign.

    Limit - 3 entries per district


    Special Purpose Publication

    A printed or electronic, internal or external, stand-alone piece that is a booklet, brochure, poster, or material not included in other categories. 

    Limit - 3 entries per district



    Includes internal or external short and long format video programs designed for websites, social media, mobile apps, television, etc. Limit each entry to a single program, presentation or episode.

    Limit - 3 entries per district



    Internet or intranet website. Special purpose or short-term project websites are also accepted. Sharing information using a blog or other electronic medium that is regularly updated also accepted. Include copies of three separate posts for blog entries. Intranet entries must include password or other log-in information so judges can access the site.

    Limit - 3 entries per district



    One article from a printed or electronic newsletter, newspaper op-ed piece, editorial or speech. Entries must be between 500 and 5,000 words.

    Limit - 3 entries per district