Vice President of Event Logistics | Kirsten Fitterer, Yakima School District

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    Kirsten Fitterer is in her 7th year in the education industry but the 33rd year in her career in marketing, communications, and public relations. She is currently the Chief Communications Officer for the Yakima School District in Yakima, Washington, and a board member for WSPRA.

    Previously, Kirsten worked in Internet Marketing for the industries of real estate, an online newspaper, web portals, hospital administration, and tourism.

    She has a business degree from Washington State University, a certificate in Advanced Measurement and Metrics from the University of San Francisco, and is finishing up her last class for her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Eastern Washington University.

    Kirsten enjoys supporting students and families and continuously strives to improve strategies of communication in the Yakima School District. She loves to practice her Spanish and she and her husband, Pat, travel often. She coordinates short cultural exchanges for YSD students to Japan, Macau and is currently developing cultural experiences with schools in Taiwan and Spain.