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Conference and Annual Award Program Updates 

Based on feedback from members, we are making some changes to our annual conference schedule and awards program. 

We are moving our main conference and awards banquet to our fall conference. Members suggested this would work better because awards could be submitted for the previous school year (instead of the calendar year January to December), and members will be able to take their learning from the fall conference and apply it to their work. 

In order to make this change effective, we are postponing our annual awards until fall 2024. This time will allow us to improve the awards process for both applicants and judges and give members the opportunity to submit awards for the 2023-24 school year. We’d also like to encourage members to consider submitting awards for NSPRA since the annual seminar will be in Bellevue next year.

This year WSPRA will be hosting two conferences, one in the fall and one in late winter. Traditionally, we would host our two conferences in the fall and spring, however we are pushing our spring conference back to winter because we want to encourage all of our members to consider attending NSPRA Seattle July 14-17, 2024

Finally, thank you to everyone who submitted awards for consideration for the spring conference. We will be sending out the feedback you received from judges soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Please contact the WSPRA board at if you have any questions about these changes. 

WSPRA Communications Awards Overview

The WSPRA Communication Awards program recognizes creative and effective work in communications. The awards program also provides valuable feedback from other communications professionals. 

QualificationThe awards program is available to members only. Learn more about becoming a WSPRA member.

The individual marked as the primary contributor must be a WSPRA member. Additional contributors do not need to be members. WSPRA members from one organization may not submit for another organization and/or individual. Members may submit work that they partially or fully contracted out based on their district size. 

Entries must have been underway or completed between January 2022 and December 2022. 

SubmissionThis year’s submission window is Monday, January 9, 2023 - Friday, February 17, 2023. As you prepare your submission, please review the submission requirements and judging standards for each category outlined on the one-pages linked above. 

We want you to put your best foot forward. To help you prepare your awards submission, here is a list of questions asked on the submission form. 

Click here to access the submission form.

Divisions The communication awards program is broken into two divisions. We expanded the division of districts with more than 10,000 students to include Educational Service Districts. 

  • School districts with more than 10,000 students and Educational Service Districts
  • School districts with fewer than 10,000 students

Category Changes Over the last several years, there has been a huge increase in the number and diversity of video submissions. To allow more members to be celebrated and to make it easier on judges when reviewing submissions, the video category is now divided into three separate categories based on type. We have also seen a consistent drop in the number of entries for the finance publication. We eliminated this category and expanded the special purpose publication to include finance publications. 

2023 Categories Please use the links below to review a one-pager about each category, which includes a description, submission requirements, entry limit per district and the standards judges will use to evaluate each submission. 

JudgingEach entry will be judged by a panel of communications professionals utilizing a rubric designed for each category. Judges will evaluate each entry using the submission summary and the URL(s) provided in the submission form. 

When writing the submission summary, please use your category's rubric to create a summary of your project. Include your intended audience, goal, and outcome. Please address any other elements that will be scored using the rubric. Category rubrics are linked above. 


  • Best in Category: Given to submissions with the most points in a specific category. 
  • Perfect Score: Given to submissions with 5 points in all standards (40 points total). 
  • Award of Excellence: Given to submissions with total points between 36 and 40. 
  • Award of Merit: Given to submissions with total points between 31 and 35.
  • Honorable Mention: Given to submissions with total points between 26 and 30.

Scoring Each category has eight standards. Judges will use the following point scale to rate each standard. To see a list of standards for a specific category, please refer to the one-pagers linked above.

1 - Poor
2 - Fair
3 - Good
4 - Very Good
5 - Excellent 

PaymentThe fee for each entry is $35. Payment must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21, 2023. Please log in to our membership database and pay online:

Additional AwardsIn addition to the Communication Awards, WSPRA also accepts nominations for two special awards reserved for individuals who have contributed greatly to school public relations. Learn more about the Learning Liberty Award and Crystal Apple Award

Questions? Email us at