A Message From Curtis Campbell

Curtis Campbell

Happy Fall, WSPRA Friends! 

I hope that all of your school years have been off to as smooth a start as possible. Actually, I’m not really sure what passes for smooth these days, so let’s just say that I hope this message finds you well. At this particular moment in time. Right now. If not, feel free to call or email me or another WSPRA friend and we can commiserate. 

Over the past year and a half, we have been through an absolute raging dumpster fire of crises, challenges, hardships, and heartbreaks. However, it has not all been doom and gloom. Through it all, I have been inspired, but certainly not surprised, to see how you have each offered support, advice, kind words, and friendly ears to your school PR peers near and far. That is the true hallmark of what makes WSPRA and NSPRA so great. We are a network of professionals who care deeply about profession, but even more so for each other. Thank you for all you do to help make that a huge part of our culture.

This will be my last NSPRA Executive Board Meeting update to you. My three-year term representing you on the board ends on October 1. While I will be leaving the role of NSPRA Northwest Region Vice President, my last name will be staying for another three years. I hope you will join me in offering Phil Campbell (no relation) a warm welcome as our new Northwest VP! He is the Director of Public Relations for Bonneville Joint School District 93 in Idaho Falls, ID. I have known Phil for years and can tell you unequivocally that he is an absolutely amazing human being and a passionate school communicator. His sneaker game is pretty on point too, which I particularly appreciate. I am excited for the work that he and the new NSPRA Board will do in the months and years ahead to continue pushing our profession and organization forward. We are in great hands!

In fact, if you attend for the WSPRA Conference in Leavenworth on October 25-26, you’ll get to meet and see presentations from Phil, and NSPRA President Nicole Kirby and Executive Director Barbara Hunter. I hope to see you there to join us in offering them a warm WSPRA welcome.

Before I provide some updates below from our NSPRA Board Meeting on September 15, I want to express my sincere and deep gratitude for allowing me to represent you and our region on the board. It has truly been the greatest and most rewarding honor of my professional life. With your support, we accomplished more than I could have imagined. From navigating the effects of the pandemic and virtual and hybrid conferences, to hiring a new executive director and developing a new strategic plan, I’m proud of so much of the work I was able to be a part of on your behalf. But what I am most proud of is something that transcended the NSPRA Board, something we all did together. WE are bringing the NSPRA National Seminar back to the Northwest! Because of your belief, passion and support, we were able to do something that seemed like a pipe dream just a few years ago. Thank you for helping make that dream a reality. I look forward to joining you in Bellevue in 2024 as we welcome our school PR family from across North America back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest after a nearly 30-year hiatus. 

Below are some notes from our NSPRA Board Meeting held on September 15. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Not an NSPRA member yet? I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this video to learn about the benefits of being a member from people who know. Yours truly even makes an appearance.

Board Approves New Vice President for Diversity Engagement

The NSPRA Executive Board appointed Music Watson, APR, Chief of Staff at the San Diego County Office of Education, as the new Vice President for Diversity Engagement, replacing Yolanda Stephen, APR, who has left the field of school public relations. The Executive Board celebrated Yolanda’s contributions during her tenure and wished her well.

Review and Update of Regional VP Roles and Responsibilities

Reviewed an updated description of the Regional Vice Presidents’ roles and responsibilities, adding several items to encourage regular communication with the chapter leaders and members within their region.  

2021 Seminar Financial Review

Reviewed the financials and evaluations of the 2021 National Seminar. This information will be used in the development of the 2022 seminar in Chicago.  

Appointed Second NSPRA Member to UAB

Dustin Barnes, APR, Communications Coordinator for the North Little Rock (Ark.) School District, will be added as NSPRA’s second member to the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB). He is also a member of ArkanSPRA.

Policy Amendments

The NSPRA Executive Board amended policy 305.6 regarding the evaluation of the NSPRA Executive Director and approved evaluation tools for the Executive Board and staff to use in 2021-22. A new Executive Board self-evaluation tool was also adopted for 2021-22.

The Board also amended policy 205.6 regarding filling Executive Board vacancies. In the event of a vacancy that is two years in length, this amendment will allow the Executive Board to appoint an individual to fill the two-year term to ensure continuity and stability in the position.

That is all from me. Again, thank you all, for everything.

Curtis Campbell
NSPRA Northwest Region Vice President