David Beil receives 2022 Learning & Liberty Award


Congratulations to David Beil for earning the 2022 Learning & LibertyAward from WSPRA. David serves as the Director of Communications & Community Relations for the Central Kitsap School District. This year marks the first time that the award winner is also presented with the Tanya Rowe Scholarship!

David has proven himself to be a knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate school communicator. A recognized leader in school public relations at both the state and national levels, David has made it a priority to give back and help individuals get their careers started in school public relations.

A champion in his district, David has grown the public relations department at Central Kitsap in both size and scope of support that serves as a model for other school communications professionals. He has served four superintendents and supported the hiring and onboarding processes for both interim and new superintendents. 

A trusted senior advisor who is known for his knowledge, integrity and humility, David's impact on the community cannot be overstated. During his tenure, he has supported informational campaigns for seven school funding measures that have provided hundreds of millions of dollars for school operations, learning programs, construction, and repairs. 

He routinely shares his knowledge and expertise in this area with school public relations professionals far and wide by presenting at both state and national conferences. The information, insight, and strategies he has shared have undoubtedly supported similar levels of financial election success in school districts across the country.

Those who work under David refer to him as "The World's Best Boss." He shows a genuine interest in people and makes an effort to engage with every student, staff member, or community member that crosses his path.  He has helped his staff as community relations professionals and has encouraged them to participate in WSPRA, NSPRA, and other professional development opportunities. And he has mentored them through projects and decisions, sharing insights and always asking: how does this benefit students?

A servant leader at heart, David looks for opportunities to give back to their profession and peers. He is a past president of WSPRA and has served on NSPRA workgroups and committees in an ongoing effort to support school communication leaders and practitioners far and wide. He is also one of the founders and most passionate supporters of the movement to bring the NSPRA National Seminar back to the Pacific Northwest for the first time in 30 years. If not for David's vision and tenacity, we would not be celebrating the seminar’s return in 2024.

We cannot thank David enough for his contributions to School PR. Congratulations, David. 

About the Learning and Liberty Award

The Learning and Liberty Award honors an individual who currently serves in a formal role of school public relations who has contributed greatly to the profession of school public relations through an extensive body of work, unique achievements, collaboration with colleagues and/or mentoring other school public relations professionals.

About the Tonya Rowe Scholarship

In 2018, WSPRA established an annual scholarship to honor the memory of our friend and colleague, Tanya Rowe. Tanya served as Executive Director of Communications in Bellingham Public Schools until she died unexpectedly in November 2017. The scholarship provides $2,500 toward professional development to use at the discretion of the award winner. This may include attending the NSPRA Seminar or WSPRA Conferences, obtaining their APR or purchasing communication equipment such as a camera. The winner is required to report back to the WSPRA board how they chose to use the scholarship.