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NPSRA Logo As a member of WSPRA, you are probably aware that our chapter is chartered by, and affiliated with, the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). As a leading chapter of NSPRA, we understand how the combined effort of our chapter with NSPRA will increase the power of our profession. In many respects, we are better together!

Some of the greatest individual and school district benefits offered are those you would receive by becoming a member of NSPRA.

NSPRA is an outstanding resource for information, advice, support and professional growth. But most importantly, NSPRA provides you and your district with an unparalleled network of national colleagues that will add depth to your PR team.

Education is facing so many challenges these days that our jobs are becoming increasingly demanding and difficult. Having the NSPRA network as a backup lets members know they are not alone and provides us with valuable tools and resources to deal proactively with issues and situations impacting our schools.

Benefits of NSPRA membership in a nutshell include:

  • E-newsletters delivered to your email address every week during the school year. Covering topics and issues that you may be facing, it gives you a heads-up on possible controversial issues coming your way.
  • Principal Communicator, mailed to you each month during the school year which will help you improve communication at the building level.
  • Two blogs – one weekly on the use of technology in your communication effort, the other monthly, entitled Always Something which looks at bigger issues facing education and how communication is often the facilitator to solve and deal with those issues in your school community.
  • Major discounts on the best professional development opportunities in school communication – the annual NSPRA Seminar, plus the annual line-up of PR Power Hours including webinars and audio conferences on key communication topics and tactics.
  • The NSPRA Website at, which lists additional insight, a collection of our newsletters, and other resources open to only NSPRA members. The website is also designed to help you in your jobs, as well as giving you strategies to increase the perceived value of the communication role in your schools. A section listing new job opportunities is also offered in the members-only section of the website.
  • Access to NSPRA’s LinkedIn page where you can interact with other members as resources to meet your needs.

Our chapter is working with NSPRA to help build stronger representation within our chapter. NSPRA is also offering a fund-raising component to our chapter in this membership marketing effort. For each WSPRA member who becomes a new NSPRA member, our WSPRA chapter will earn $25.

I hope you will take the time to review the additional NSPRA membership information included in the links listed below. I strongly believe that joining NSPRA will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

P.S. If your Board no longer allows memberships to professional associations, NSPRA also offers a subscription service where you receive the same materials as a subscriber as you would as a member.

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