Rexanne Graham Receives 2017 Learning & Liberty Award

Congratulations to Rexanne Graham for earning the 2017 Learning & Liberty Award from WSPRA. Rexanne served as the Director of Communications for Highline Public Schools. Here is her nomination letter, submitted by Catherine Carbone Rogers, Cheif Communications Officer. 

Rexanne Graham  Rexanne Graham has been a leader and a role model in school communications for over a decade. As part of the Highline communications team for the past 12 years, she has been instrumental in growing the scope and sophistication of the district’s communications program.

Rexanne’s attention to detail and her high standards have made Highline’s communication projects and products better year after year. She has continually taken on more and more responsibility and embraced innovation with enthusiasm. She has been promoted multiple times as she has grown her job and taken on increasing levels of responsibility. Her work ethic is off the charts!

In 2016, Highline’s use of communications technology was recognized by NSPRA through an award given to Superintendent Susan Enfield. Many of the systems that contributed to that award were implemented and managed by Rexanne. Rexanne has created protocols that maximize the effectiveness of our technology tools. She developed our mobile app from the ground up. She consistently pushes our technology vendors to modify their products to perform new and better functions. She worked with a local web developer to invent our first online, interactive annual report. Her contribution to the recognition of Highline as a school communications leader cannot be measured.

Rexanne has also contributed significantly to the success of her colleagues in other districts and to the school communications profession through her service on the WSPRA board. She held the office of Vice President for Finance for three years. Her work was not confined to keeping the books; she played an active role in the success of every WSPRA event and undertaking during her term.

The gusto with which Rexanne attacks all her work is rooted in her commitment to student success. She is a true servant leader who has actively mentored student employees and interns in the communications office. Her excellent customer service to schools reflects her view that school staff should be free to focus directly on the needs of children. Rexanne is a true believer in the capacity of public education to put all students on a path to success in life.

This month, Rexanne will retire from school communications and start a new chapter in life. Her contributions and her example of excellence will continue to benefit our students and our profession into the future. I personally am exceedingly grateful for the privilege of knowing Rexanne as a colleague and friend. I can think of no one more deserving of the 2017 Learning and Liberty award.