John Schieche Receives 2018 Crystal Apple Award

Congratulations to John Schieche for earning the 2018 Crystal Apple Award from WSPRA. John serves as the Superintendent for the East Valley School District. Here is his nomination letter, submitted by Brittany Kaple, Director of Communications. 

John Schieche  In many school districts, superintendents come and go in a matter of only a few short years. John Schieche has beaten the odds, serving as the Superintendent of East Valley Schools for nearly 16 years, and it’s not a coincidence!

John is extremely dedicated to the growth of ALL students in our classrooms and to the professional advancement of employees throughout our district, but that’s not necessarily what makes him shine brighter than most in his field. It’s Mr. Schieche’s dedication to communication amongst our schools, employees, families and community members that make him an extremely effective leader and, in turn, the perfect candidate for this award. 

In a time when it is becoming increasingly hard for districts to pass levies and bonds, John has ensured that our District has been able to do both in recent years.

In 2015 John ran a very effective and successful Bond Campaign, allowing for funds to build our newly renovated high school, among other smaller projects. When the State Legislature stalled the capital budget and our constituents were becoming more and more concerned about the potential impact of this stall on our high school project, John never missed an opportunity to communicate our progress and how the district was preparing for the twists and turns as they came our way. Mr. Schieche even went as far as welcoming our local media and Governor Inslee to our existing high school to showcase the need for the passage of the State Capital Budget. This demonstration of his passion for ensuring that our community received all that they had voted for, was a testament to his dedication to our kids, our community and communication. Governor Inslee was so moved by John’s message that he awarded him the Washingtonian of the Day Award after his visit this summer.

In the last few months, I have worked closely with John to communicate the facts and need for the passage of our 2019-2021 Replacement Educational Support & Operations Levy. I have been very humbled by the sheer number of levy presentations John does in the months leading up to the ballot. From PTA’s and PTO’s to City Council meetings and meetings with local business owners, John never misses an opportunity to share the facts of our financial situation. He even makes time for smaller community groups like our “Terrace Heights Tea Group” where he dedicates his nights and afternoons to visiting with our community’s elderly population, sharing our successes and levy facts. I have never met a superintendent that is so willing to make sure that everyone in our community has access to our schools and his office.

John is committed to the continued improvement of communication in the East Valley School District. Last year he hired a full-time Director of Communications, sending a message that communication with our schools is key to forward progress. Since then, he has been willing and ready for changes as they have come at him including new websites, social media accounts and “Soup with the Sup” events. John is always willing to try something new if it will help our students by communicating with our community. I hope that you will consider John Schieche for this prestigious award, as he is certainly deserving.