WSPRA Receives Two 2018 Mark of Distinction Awards

NSPRA Exemplary Chapter 2018 NSPRA awarded WSPRA with two 2018 Mark of Distinction as an Exemplary Chapter in the special focus areas of Professional Development/PR Skill-Building and Membership Building. The judges were impressed with the thought and planning that went into designing programs to meet specific member needs. 
The annual NSPRA Mark of Distinction Recognition Program recognizes the efforts of state chapters in supporting NSPRA’s mission of building support for education through responsible public relations that leads to success for all students. This includes:
  • Developing and carrying out activities/projects/programs related to NSPRA’s Mission, Goals and Objectives;
  • Working to promote the importance of effective communication as a management function at both the district and school level;
  • Enhancing and elevating the role of the school public relations professional;
  • Providing professional development and support for chapter members and other education leaders in the state;
  • Advocating for students and schools through coalition-building and engagement efforts that connect schools and communities in shared responsibility for education.
Congratulations WSPRA! 
WSPRA Receives Two 2018 Mark of Distinction Awards